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Training Clicker

Training Clicker

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Description: Instructions for use: Press the button to train dogs or other pets.

Steps for usage:

1. Say your command, such as sitting down, etc., jumping fire ring, etc.

2. The dog makes a move according to your command.

3. Click the Clicker

4. Give a Treat/Snack as a reward

Effectiveness: Click training can train your dog for home training, basic obedience, and tricks, and it can also correct bad behavior. For example: cage training, shaking, standing, roll over, Biting, rushing to pull ropes, chasing, feeding, feeding, serving, off your the sofa, go to bed, attack, and so on. This is the magic power that can only be felt when you enter the world of clicker!

Accessories: Key ring and black spring rope and Clicker

Measures: 2" clicker and Spring stretch varies

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